Wheelie bins

Picture of wheelie bins

Benefits of your wheelie bin household waste collections:
  • Reduces untidy front garden problems.
  • Safe from animals tearing black sacks open.
  • Helps keep the streets clean.
  • Your new wheeled bin is for all household waste apart from paper and cardboard.
How often and when?
  • The weekly waste collection is on Wednesday.
All we ask is if you could please:
  • Leave your bin at the point of storage but clearly visible and accessible for collection.
  • Keep your bin clean.
  • If you live in a road without a recycling bin – use your existing blue boxes for cardboard and paper only for fortnightly collections
  • Take your glass, cans and plastic bottles to the local recycling facilities around the neighbourhood.

If you do not receive, lose or damage your wheeled bin or need a replacement paper and cardboard recycling  box, please contact:

  • Follow the link
  • liffordcustomer support@birmingham.gov.uk
  • 0121 303 1112 (main switchboard)

For updates on collections and recycling, please visit:

Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

4 thoughts on “Wheelie bins

  1. Could you please please please inform all households to keep wheelie bins within the perimeter of their properties until Tues night or wed morning All households have space in front garden

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