Rats and pest control

Overview – Birmingham City Council Pest Control
If you would like to report a problem with pests within your property (commercial or domestic) please click on the link.

For residents who live in Birmingham our pest control service is free for the pests we treat, excluding wasps, for which there is a charge.  In occupied domestic properties we provide a free service for:

  • rats
  • bedbugs
  • cockroaches

If you have a rat in your house we will be with you on the next working day. If possible we will ring and get there sooner. If you have a rat in your garden we will give you an appointment.

Please note: we do not treat for mice, however we supply free mouse poison to any Birmingham residents to self treat any mice problems you may have. This is available at your local Customer Services Centre, where you collect it without having to book an appointment. This will only be supplied to a person over the age of 18. You may be asked for proof of age. You will also be required to provide proof of identity and address.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t the officer leave poison for me to put down? It’s just not convenient to be in all the time

The poisons we use are for commercial use and can only be laid by a trained person. Our officer must assess the need for poison to be laid, to be removed and where it should be laid safely. We can not ask you to do this. You can obtain poison for domestic use from many suppliers such as a DIY store.

– What is proactive Pest Control?

We receive many thousands of calls about rats in the city. However, there are areas of the city which have a larger problem. Rather than waiting for the residents in these areas to call, officers visit all properties to assess and treat where access is possible. They also leave information to ensure residents gain a better understanding about our services and are encouraged to call us. We believe residents who are better informed about our services will be more likely to report the problem in the future. Proactive is about doing something rather than waiting for people to complain. Regular treatment against a larger number of properties has shown the number of calls we receive in that area drops.

– I keep getting rats in the house. My landlord will not sort this out. What can I do?

The owners of a property are responsible for ensuring it is suitably maintained and if necessary carry out proofing works to prevent rats. You should ensure food items are taken off the floor, the property is thoroughly cleaned and rubbish is not stored for long times. Any rubbish in and out of the property should be disposed of. We provide a charge-able bulky waste collection service. If there is evidence that you have followed our advice, that proofing has not been carried out by the responsible person and there is a continual problem then action can be taken. This case would be referred to a pest control supervisor or via environmental health.We now offer a chargeable proofing service which our pest control officers can advise you about.  If you have an excess of waste that will not be removed as part of your normal household collection you can either take it to the Household Amenity Site at Lifford Lane, Cotteridge for free or arrange for a chargeable bulky waste collection (www.birmingham.gov.uk/waste or 0121 303 1112).

Downloadable information

Advice Leaflet on Rats

Advice Leaflet on Bedbugs

Advice Leaflet on Cockroaches

Advice Leaflet on Mice

Advice Leaflet on Flies