Bournbrook Live Street Scene & Housing Map

Welcome to the Love Selly Oak street and neighbourhood management map.  This map shows the locations of:

  • All the live planning activity including current planning applications, planning approvals and planning refusals
  • Skips and builders materials on the public highway

Why?  Very simply to flag up to officers and staff from across Birmingham City Council, elected members, partner organisations such as the Guild and Police, as well as the local community, the following:

  • Properties where there is building work taking place, but no planning permission
  • Properties where building work has started or planned, which may impact on the local street scene and neighbouring properties
  • Skips, which are not authorised to be on the highway
  • Locations where building materials are being inappropriately and illegally stored on the public highway
  • Sites where waste etc has been illegally dumped, and subsequent action taken