Keep informed

There are lots of ways to keep up to date about crime in Selly Oak and on campus, which can help you stay one step ahead of potential criminals and help you manage your own safety and home security.  You can follow what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, the local websites and blogs, text and e-mail service, as well as see the crime stats and maps for youself.  Here’s what we recommend:

Crime maps, statistics investigations and outcomes

Sign up to WMnow , a new service from West Midlands Police to keep you up to date

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You can get hourly and daily news about crime and other issues in Selly Oak via:


I Love Selly Oak, hosted by the Guild of Students

Birmingham South Police – the official West Midlands Police facebook page for south Birmingham

Watch out for…

Tweetathons – Want to find out what happens over the course of a trpical student Policing day in Selly Oak and the City Centre?  West Midlands Police, with support from the Guild of Students and Birmingham City Council will be running 24 hour student tweetathons during the year.  This follows similar successful events and feedback from residents who like the insight about what is happening, how much happens (and can happen) and how the Police and partners respond.  You’d be surprised about how much effort goes into keeping students safe and Selly Oak as clean, safe and tidy as physically possible.

Meet your services – Via this website and Twitter and depending on demand various live Q&A sessions will be run through the year with those people in the Police, Birmingham City Council and Guild of Students running services for you in your area.