Selly Oak NHT Weekly Round Up for 31st March – 4th April

Hello again and thanks for taking the time to read this update from the Selly Oak NHT.

This has been yet another busy week for officers on the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Team. We’re pleased to report that there have been no Robberies since 16 March and no Burglaries since 26 January within the Bournbrook area.

On 28th March, Selly Oak Officers worked in partnership with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Taxi Enforcement Officers and Licensing Officers to conduct a taxi operation on the car park of The Goose Public House. We examined 69 private hire vehicles and checked to see if they had the correct license plates, paperwork and identification. On the night, 3 taxis were seized for plying for business with violations.

With the University Library staying open 24 hours to accommodate students and their upcoming exams, PCSO Carl Barrington attended a meeting at the Guild on Thursday, 3rd April to discuss arranging ‘A Walking Bus’ for students. We will provide an update in relation to this next week!

Last week, we promised to provide you with an update on Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) level warnings. Below is a list of ASB levels, which are taken seriously and could affect not only your housing but your place at University.


Joint visit from PCSO/Officer and Student Wardens.

The warning is carried out by the student wardens. They tell the students to turn their music off at 23.00hrs. If students are having pre-drinks or a house party they are encouraged to inform neighbours a few doors either side. Also, students are reminded that they must remain quiet when they arrive home at 03.00hrs.

During this stage, students are told about all the ASB levels in detail. Finally, the PCSO/Officer will take students details that are confirmed with the students ID card. The Community Warden Scheme Co-ordinator at the Guild of Students and the letting agent/landlord are notified.

Joint visit from PCSO/Officer and Student Wardens.

The warning is carried out by the PCSO or Officer. The PCSO/Officer will again take the students details, which will be confirmed with the students ID card. The Community Warden Scheme Co-ordinator at the Guild of Students and the letting agent/landlord are notified.

A letter to the parents will be issued outlining the circumstances of the incidents. Parents are warned of the outcome if the matter with their child persists.

Officers will speak to the Safer Community Officer at Birmingham City Council about pursuing an Anti-social Behaviour Injunction or Order (ABSI/ASBO).

The University of Birmingham could look to remove the student off their course!

We hope that we never have visit our students for this reason, but these measures are put in place to protect our students and the community from harm.
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter – @sellyoakpolice and our email address is if you wish to inform us of any issues or you have any queries.

Investigations continue following robberies in Selly Oak


Police are hunting criminals targeting Selly Oak and urging local people to help them in their bid to rid the area of crime.

As part of the blitz on crime, officers have arrested five teenagers.

One – aged 18 and from Selly Oak – has been charged with one count of robbery and will appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court in July. The other lads remain on police while enquiries continue. All have strict conditions attached to their bail including night time curfews.

Over the past six weeks officers have investigated 26 robberies with most crimes taking place between 1:00am-5:00am on Wednesday evenings and Friday and Saturday nights.

Patrols have been stepped up, forensic evidence is being examined, CCTV scrutinised and a new student safety website has been launched by West Midlands Police with the backing of the region’s universities.

Mailers have been delivered to 1,500 homes in the area advising residents of the steps they can take to protect their belongings and themselves.

Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators have also been alerted to be on the look-out for suspicious behaviour. People attending regular police meetings held in the neighbourhood have also been updated with the crime figures and the police response.

Sergeant Simon Williams, responsible for policing in the area, said: “To be on the receiving end of this type of crime is extremely frightening.

“While one crime is one crime too many we are dealing with less than one offence per day. We acknowledge that this is unacceptable and we’re working hard to drive this down even further.

“To do this we really need local people to help us by reporting suspicious behaviour to police and if the worst happens, people need to dial 999 immediately so that we can flood the area with officers.”

Between April 2013 and February 2014, 63 robberies have been investigated by police in the Selly Oak neighbourhood compared to 46 over the same period the year before.

Despite the recent rise in robbery total recorded crime in the neighbourhood is down by 43 offences or 3.4%.

For student specific safety advice visit our Safer Students website.

Suspicious behaviour can be reported to police on 101. If a crime is in progress or offenders are nearby dial 999.

Follow @sellyoakpolice for local policing updates.

Weekly Wrap-Up – Week Ending March 21

Hello again and thanks for taking the time to read this weekly update!

Did you know that during the past year there have been have been a total of 1211 crimes recorded on Selly Oak as a Ward, of those, 185 victims (15%) gave their occupation as Student – although this does not mean they were solely students at Birmingham Uni – this includes school pupils and any other person in education.

It’s been another really busy week working with our partners to make Selly Oak a safer place to live, work and study. This week we chaired the regular Student Serious Acquisitive Crime meeting at the Guild of Students, University of Birmingham. This meeting has proved to be invaluable in our efforts to co-ordinate our activities both on and off the Campus and work together with The Guild of Students, Birmingham City Council, Accommodation Services, University Security, Bournbrook Community Safety Partnership and of course our colleagues responsible for Policing the Campus, Edgbaston and Economic Crime.

We also held our Community Tasking meeting at the Kensington Hotel, Pershore Road – really good to see so many residents (including our local Councillor Karen McCarthy and student representatives) at what was a really productive meeting. We listened to your concern, take all reports of crime seriously and will do our very best to tackle your number one issue – Robbery.

In other news we have a new team member joining us on Sunday morning when we are back on duty – PCSO Wayne Lawrence starts with the team after Policing the Northfield area for a number of years – he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be a real asset to us at this busy time.

Look out for our press release with updates on the current Robbery issue and please call us wherever you live on the Ward should you see or hear of any suspicious behaviour.

Next Week – Anti-Social Behaviour Warnings Explained!

~Sergeant Williams, Selly Oak Neighbourhood Team

Selly Oak Police & Community Tasking Meeting Tonight (March 18)

The Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police Team welcome all members of the community to their Community Tasking Meeting tonight (March 18) at 7pm at the Kensington Hotel on Pershore Road.

These meetings are a great way to voice your opinions and concerns about issues relevant to your area.

For more information about your Selly Oak NHT visit:

Follow Selly Oak NHT on twitter at @SellyOakPolice

WMP Recruitment – Interview with WMPeople: Antonietta (Netty) Manca

PC Netty Manca
In the first in a new series of interviews focusing on the people who make up West Midlands Police, WMPeople speaks to response officer Netty Manca who, when she’s not keeping south Birmingham residents safe, is keeping goal for the force’s ladies football team.

Club captain Netty talks about her role responding to 999 emergencies; how she took a barge to reach a man in need of first aid; the booming popularity of women’s football; and how Type 1 diabetes hasn’t been a police career barrier.

Oh…and she confirms she’s not earning £300,000 a week!

How long have you been playing football? I started aged 11 with a girls team – Leafield Athletic based in Wythall – that was set-up by a friend’s dad. We didn’t do football at school at the time.

Why goalkeeper…don’t you have to be a bit mad to be a keeper? I ended up playing in goal one day when we were short of a keeper; I enjoyed it and seemed pretty good so I stuck with it. I’ve picked up my fair share of injuries: a broken foot, black eyes and lots of bruises on my shins…I don’t wear skirts too often!

What’s been your footy career highlight? I played for Coventry City Ladies for two seasons and got promotion into the national league – but left because the travel and time commitment would have been too much – and am also first choice goalkeeper for the UK Police team. I’ve been captain of the West Midlands & Birmingham Athletic ladies team for almost three years.

Being fit must be important in your police response role? Definitely – I’ve been involved in a fair few foot chases in my six years with West Midlands Police. Though handily a phone robber literally ran into me a few days ago when we were called to a robbery report…he pelted round a corner and right into our arms. It was one of our easier arrests!

What is a Response Officer? We’re deployed mainly to 999 emergencies, going to the aid of people who’ve called for help or to crime scenes on the look-out for offenders. In the last few days we’ve attended several domestic incidents, dealt with shop-lifters, burglars and property fires. I was first on the scene to reports of a man who’d jumped from a moving train; he’d broken his ankle so I gave first aid, but not before using a barge to reach him as he’d landed on the ‘other’ side of a canal!

What do you enjoy most about the role? It’s really varied…an adrenaline rush. I’m hoping to start my ‘initial pursuit’ driving course soon which will allow me to track suspects in vehicles before handing over to specialist traffic officers and have just passed my ‘stinger’ training. But the best feeling is helping the public – last week I helped locate and return two top-of-the-range cars to a family who’d suffered a burglary and naturally they were very grateful. We get letters and emails from members of the public we’ve helped…but they don’t tend to make the headlines unfortunately.

The force has re-opened its recruitment process – what would you say to people considering applying? Go for it! There is huge range of jobs available and you can carve out a really fulfilling career. I have type 1 diabetes but that hasn’t been a barrier – with support from the forces’ doctors and specialists I’ve demonstrated it’s a condition I can control. So don’t let things like this deter you from applying.

Women’s football is enjoying a real surge in popularity isn’t it? I read somewhere that it’s the fastest growing sport in the country and updates on women’s football and transfer news are often featured on national sports bulletins. 90,000 fans packed into Wembley in 2012 for a GB Ladies game during the Olympics…I never thought I’d see the day a women’s game would sell out the national stadium! And we’ve got a much better structure now with two Women’s Super Leagues planned.

So will a female player ever be picking up £300k a week? I’m certainly not! I can’t see those types of wages flying around women’s teams; at the moment top women players are on around the same salaries as lower league male counterparts. But female tennis players campaigned successfully for equal pay…so you never know.

Sports Minister Helen Grant caused controversy recently by encouraging women to take up sports that still allow them to look feminine whilst participating – can you look feminine ‘between the sticks’? Hmmm…tricky I guess when you’re sweaty and covered in mud. But sports clothing manufacturers do make special women’s fit kits now rather than us having to play in men’s kits that look 10 sizes too big! It’s not about how you look though it’s what you enjoy and what you’re passionate about.

WMPeople Fact File:

Name: Antonietta (Netty) Manca
Age: 28
From: Birmingham
Role: South Birmingham response officer – and captain of WMP Ladies football team
Supports: Manchester United
Previous job: Gym instructor

WMP Ladies football team was formed in 2003 but three years ago teamed up with Birmingham Athletic Ladies to become Birmingham & WMP Ladies FC. The team is currently top of the West Midlands Premier League and aims to secure promotion to the Midlands Combination League.

Interested in a career with West Midlands Police. Register your interest here:

Jury Visit to Selly Oak

Officers from Birmingham South Police worked with HM Courts Service to facilitate a jury visit to the area around TC’s, Coronation Road, Selly Oak yesterday, as part of the Joshua Ribera murder trial. Such visits are occasionally made to give a jury the full picture of a scene, but is needed to be conducted in a sterile environment as part of the criminal justice process – ultimately the area becomes an extension of the court room for the duration of the visit, which in this case lasted for approximately half an hour. The trial of Armani MITCHELL began on the 5th March at Birmingham Crown Court and is expected to be ongoing for two to three weeks. Birmingham South Police would like to extend their thanks to local residents and anyone using this area today for their patience and understanding.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact Selly Oak Police on 101 for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies.

Selly Oak Police Weekly Wrap Up

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read what we hope will become a regular blog on the I LOVE SELLY OAK news section of this website. The aim of this new weekly blog is to provide the community in and around Selly Oak with up to date information on the activity your Neighbourhood Policing Team carry out during their working week. It’s also a chance for you to interact with the team and have your say!

The Selly Oak neighbourhood police team work a 3x3x3 shift pattern; three earlies, three lates and three rest days with a training day planned every nine weeks. You can find out more information about the officers, area and meetings we hold by following this link

Today (Friday, March 7) the team are on earlies tackling the local priorities set by the community this morning; parking and traffic issues outside two of our local schools – Raddlebarn and St Mary’s – a chance to engage with parents, pupils and those motorists who choose (and I stress the word choose here) to drive and park in a manner that potentially causes a danger to pedestrians coming and going from school.

In addition to this, I have one officer conducting offender management visits to those people who pose a risk around crime and ASB, an officer making follow up visits to victims of acquisitive crime, an officer spending time with victims of domestic abuse who provides onward referral to our supporting partners and an officer visiting students in Bournbrook who have been holding noisy parties into the early hours – these houses will get a warning from the Police and Student Guild that should any noise continue we will work with the landlord, University and the City Council to resolve the issue – I will explain this process and give examples in a further blog.

Looking forward to the weekend, we have plain clothes detectives and uniformed officers working around the Bournbrook area on Friday and Saturday evenings to identify and target offenders committing robberies. February saw a rise in the frequency of these offences which has been well documented on local social media, however we have now charged one male with robbery who is due to appear at court in the near future and have a further male on police bail allowing us to make further enquiries.

If you ever have concerns about suspicious activity in your area, please contact us on 101 for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies – Alternatively, you can e-mail our police team anytime with your concerns at Also, follow us on Twitter @SellyOakPolice for updates on police activity. You can find this information on

~Sergeant Simon Williams, Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police Team

What you need to know about “NekNomination”

What is NekNomination?
Neknomination is an internet drinking game craze, spread by social media, thought to have originated in Australia. It involves someone completing a drinking dare – then nominating someone else to go next. Videos of the dares are often posted online.

What you need to know and consider! – This is not just a harmless social drinking game – it could potentially cost you your life, or ruin your chances of a career!

-At least 5 deaths have been linked to the craze in the UK and many more on an international level.
-You could find yourself in contact with the criminal justice system. Many of these drinking dares have been unlawful – resulting in cases of arrest, prosecution and penalties for criminal damages and breaching of the law.
-Taunting and threatening an individual for their refusal to carry out a dare – could have legal ramifications for you.
-Drug and alcohol related incidents involving students will probably be recorded within the Incident Report Processes of Colleges and Universities – Disciplinary action will usually be considered in light of any Police action and/or prosecution. However, even if there is an acquittal – the College/university may still proceed on a disciplinary basis – in line with their policy position.
Note: A criminal conviction could have disastrous consequences and limit your career choices. Having a criminal record can exclude people from some jobs and, for some offences, prevent them from travelling abroad!

If you are contacted to take part in this craze – we would urge you to use this challenge, as many others are doing, as a platform to create something positive (RAKNomination=Random Act of Kindness Nomination) – many stories are coming through about how people are using the money they would have spent on alcohol to help others and filming themselves giving a donation to charity.

For more information on this issue or have other alcohol related questions, visit or contact a member of the Balance team via e-mail at

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, find help

For students wishing to discuss problems related to the use of drugs or alcohol, advice is always available from the University Medical Practice (UMP), the Student Support and Counselling Service (SCG) and the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) at The Guild of Students.



    Be Aware & Reassured

A West Midlands Police initiative is underway to find the offenders responsible for 20 robberies that have taken place across the Bournbrook area of Selly Oak over the last two weeks. We have increased patrols around this area and will be actively targeting thieves using a number of police tactics.

Residents in Selly Oak are encouraged to remain vigilant and follow some basic safety advice, particularly when returning from a night out. These offences have seen offenders approach victims in the street and as they arrive home.

These incidents have a huge impact on the victim, so we want to make residents aware of ways to protect themselves. The offences have occurred predominantly between 9pm to 5am, so we’re asking residents to consider the time they’re returning home, as these robberies are happening in the early hours of the day.

    Be Advised

· Electronic items such as mobile phones and mp3 players are regular targets for street robbers. Try to keep valuable items out of sight whenever possible. Please do not walk with headphones on.

· Try and stick to well-lit busy areas when walking alone and always remain aware of your surroundings. If you don’t feel safe, stride purposely to deter robbers and quickly move away from the area.

· Make a note of the IMEI number of your phone. You can find this printed under the battery of most modern devices or by dialling *#06#.

· Register your electronic items for free online at This can help officers return stolen property to its rightful owner. Likewise record details of the serial numbers, make, model of mp3 players, etc.

· If you are out with friends, always walk home in groups. The last person should call a taxi to ensure they also get home safety.

· Carry any bags securely. Put the strap across your body and make sure any fasteners or zips are closed and facing in towards your body.

Birmingham is one of the safest cities in the UK. By following this advice, you can further decrease the chances of becoming a victim of robbery.

If you have any concerns or information contact Sergeant Simon Williams, from the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police Team on 101 for non-emergencies. As always, please dial 999 in an emergency.

If you see any suspicious groups or individuals in Selly Oak PLEASE CALL THE POLICE on 101 who will follow up your call – we rely on the community to provide us with information – YOUR CALL COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity, Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Selly Oak Residents Reminded to Remain Vigilant Following Robberies

Residents in Selly Oak are being reminded by police to remain vigilant following 11 robberies which have taken place across the Bournbrook area of Selly Oak over the last week.

Two male offenders have been arrested in connection with the robberies. Both men remain on police bail pending further enquiries.

The offences have occurred between 9pm to 5am over the weekend. We’re asking residents to stay vigilant and follow some basic safety advice, particularly when returning from a night out.

■Consider your surroundings and your personal safety when out and about
■Make sure you stay on roads that are well lit and relatively busy
■Always try and walk within groups of two or more
■Do not walk with headphones on, and valuables visible

If you have any concerns contact Sergeant Simon Williams, from the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police Team on 101.

Anyone with information to help police investigations should call the Selly Oak Neighbourhood team by dialling 101 for non-emergencies or 999 in an emergency. Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity, Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Follow the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police team on Twitter @SellyOakPolice and WMP Birmingham South Partnerships team @SthBhamPartners for updates on police activity and community partnership events.