Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour; Acting in a manner that is causing or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as the perpetrator.

Anti-Social Behaviour can include the following;

– Residents being noisy when going out and returning after nights out.

– People shouting and singing loudly at various times of the evening and night.

– Residents having noisy house parties, with excessive noise spilling out in the street.

– Drinking open vessels of Alcohol in the street.

Please follow these simple steps to minimize any disruption:

– If you do wish to have a house party tell your neighbours or even invite them. Give them      a contact number for someone at the party.

– Leave your property in smaller groups, Get taxi’s to your destination and wait inside your    property for the taxi.

– Please be considerate when having people round your house before and after a night out,    don’t invite large numbers of people back to your property. Keep your windows and doors    closed at all times to keep the noise inside, and keep the volume of music to a minimum.

– Do not drink Alcohol in the street, walk in small groups, and do not shout or sing to each     other.

Those found responsible, will be dealt with using a joint Police and Student Wardens response.

To report any ASB please contact,

Police: 101

Community Wardens: 0121 2512300

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