Builder ordered to pay nearly £4,000 for flytipping in Selly Oak

A Birmingham man responsible for a large volume of flytipping in Selly Oak, which included building rubble, doors and cement asbestos, has today (28 April) been ordered to pay nearly £4,000.

Mazafar Ali, 42, of Stechford Road, Birmingham, admitted nine offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, following a successful prosecution brought by Birmingham City Council’s Environmental Health department.94-tiverton-1st-september

He was fined £2,400 for the first offence, with no separate penalty for the remaining eight, and ordered to pay £1,517 court costs.

During summer 2014, the council’s Waste Enforcement Unit was investigating issues arising from a large amount of building works taking place in the Bournbrook area of Selly Oak – particularly the escape of waste resulting from building works.

Between 10 June and 17 November 2014, officers saw builders’ materials and waste dumped outside five properties in Dawlish Road, Hubert Road, George Road, and Tiverton Road on a number of occasions.

A mixture of building materials and industrial waste such as bricks and sandbags along with doors, hosepipes, and carpet were all dumped outside the five addresses, which Ali confirmed to officers that he was working on.

Mark Croxford, Birmingham City Council’s Head of Environmental Health, said: “This case shows we will make every effort to bring to justice anyone that has a blatant disregard for Birmingham’s environment. The defendant made no attempt to control his builders’ waste and allowed it to spill out over the highway – this is not only unacceptable but also illegal.

“Cleaner streets are a top priority for everyone in this city, so it is important we do all we can to ensure this. The clear message we are sending out is we will not hesitate to take enforcement action when appropriate.

“None of our neighbourhoods should have to suffer the misery associated with flytipping. As a council, we are showing we will play our part in keeping communities cleaner and greener.”


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