Car crash demonstrations and road safety event this coming Tuesday on campus

Road Safety 2This coming Tuesday, 7th October look for West Midlands Fire Service simulating a car crash and emergency response in the middle of the University campus.  The event will be taking place under the Clock Tower from 11am-3pm.  There will also be representatives from West Midlands Police and University of Birmingham to promote student road safety, offering a range of goodies and information from their stalls.

During the event one of the local Fire Crews from Bournbrook Fire Station will be doing a number of demonstration exercises to show how they respond to accidents, involving pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.  There are a number of brave student volunteers playing the victims and there will be a film to capture everything that happens.

Road Safety 3The event comes to remind students of some of the basics of keeping safe amongst the many hazards that a busy, bustling city like Birmingham can sometimes create.  This follows a student fatality last year, just off campus from a student walking across a busy road without looking and with their headphones on.

You can follow what’s happening on the day from the Bournbrook Blue Twitter account from Bournbrook Fire Station – 

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