What you need to know about “NekNomination”

What is NekNomination?
Neknomination is an internet drinking game craze, spread by social media, thought to have originated in Australia. It involves someone completing a drinking dare – then nominating someone else to go next. Videos of the dares are often posted online.

What you need to know and consider! – This is not just a harmless social drinking game – it could potentially cost you your life, or ruin your chances of a career!

-At least 5 deaths have been linked to the craze in the UK and many more on an international level.
-You could find yourself in contact with the criminal justice system. Many of these drinking dares have been unlawful – resulting in cases of arrest, prosecution and penalties for criminal damages and breaching of the law.
-Taunting and threatening an individual for their refusal to carry out a dare – could have legal ramifications for you.
-Drug and alcohol related incidents involving students will probably be recorded within the Incident Report Processes of Colleges and Universities – Disciplinary action will usually be considered in light of any Police action and/or prosecution. However, even if there is an acquittal – the College/university may still proceed on a disciplinary basis – in line with their policy position.
Note: A criminal conviction could have disastrous consequences and limit your career choices. Having a criminal record can exclude people from some jobs and, for some offences, prevent them from travelling abroad!

If you are contacted to take part in this craze – we would urge you to use this challenge, as many others are doing, as a platform to create something positive (RAKNomination=Random Act of Kindness Nomination) – many stories are coming through about how people are using the money they would have spent on alcohol to help others and filming themselves giving a donation to charity.

For more information on this issue or have other alcohol related questions, visit http://www.balancenortheast.co.uk/ or contact a member of the Balance team via e-mail at info@balancenortheast.co.uk

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, find help http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/alcohol/Pages/Alcoholsupport.aspx

For students wishing to discuss problems related to the use of drugs or alcohol, advice is always available from the University Medical Practice (UMP), the Student Support and Counselling Service (SCG) and the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) at The Guild of Students.

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