Keep the Burglars Out This February – Lock your Doors, Lock your Windows, Lock your Gates

Burglary has fallen by over 60% this year in Selly Oak  compared to last year, much of this is down to an improvement in the level of responsibility students are taking for the security of their own homes.  The effect of this is not just on one property, but on the neighbours and then on entire streets – all for the individual and collective good.

But, it is easy to get complacent so if you don’t want to become a burglary statistic and start putting your housemates, neighbours and street at risk follow the simple steps of locking your doors, locking your windows and locking your gates AND tell your housemates and neighbours to do the same.

Did you know that more than 85% of burglaries in Selly Oak take place as a result of open or unlocked windows and doors?  Did you know that over half of burglaries in Selly Oak take place through the rear of the property?

For more information, tips and advice about burglary just click and goo to the “Burglary” and “Keep Informed” pages.

Keep the Burglars Out Campaign

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