Do it right – House Hunting 2012/13

Today I have some big news – I would like to take this opportunity to launch to you this years’ Guild of Students Housing Campaign – DO IT RIGHT!

As part of this years’ campaign – we have produced our Top Ten Tips for House Hunting Video. This a remake of a video made by my predecessor in which he and the VPW gave a comical insight into house hunting. My remake features this years’ VPW and myself giving a more serious insight to our top tips. It took us hours and hours to film and I want to take this opportunity to thank Guild TV  for their patience during filming (hopefully the numerous and humorous outtakes make up for it) and for editing this video so fantastically – Thank You!

Here’s the video, I hope the work we put in will be worth and you’ll enjoy.

Lots of students have already started looking for a property for next year – with queues being seen outside some high street lettings agencies….

Guys! CHILL! There is no need to panic and rush and end up with bad house! There are more houses in Selly Oak than there are students to fill them. Proof of this can be seen in SHAC – our very own letting agent – who were still able to house the numerous international students who were looking for accommodation when they arrived this September.

However, I know that some people will be so desperate to find that dream house, that they’ll start looking straight away, so we are providing you with everything you need to help you do it right. The purpose of this campaign is to help both those students who wait and think about the decision and also those who will go out straight away by giving them the information that they need so they don’t end up in a difficult situation in a few months’ time or next year when they move into that dream house that turns out to be a nightmare home. Over the next few weeks, we will be running our annual roadshows, launching our housing booklet and publicising our video more and more, giving students the advice and help they need to find that dream house – from advice on finding the good and accredited landlords and agents, to helping students understand their rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Some agencies claim that they will be able to help you and give you the advice you need to find that dream house – just remember guys, lettings agencies are businesses, who have one goal – to make money for themselves and their landlords. Bare this in mind when they give you advice on what to look for and refer back to our video and housing booklet for the best advice.

Do it right urges students to think more about what they need in a property, rather than what they want. Encouraging students to not sign for a house simply because it has a massive flat screen TV and a double bed in every room – but to check for simply safety features such as burglar and fire alarm systems, decent window and door locks and to check for signs of damp.

So remember guys – read all of our advice, watch our video, and go out and find your dream house but just remember – do it right!

James Robertson, VPHC

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