Do you recrawl last night?

Police, Health, Birmingham City Council and Health have all started to see an increase in alcohol related harms being caused by and affecting students.  This includes trips, falls and other accidents but particularly anti-social behaviour and nuisance in the streets of Selly Oak and at house parties across the area.

The impact of this is not only on the public purse in having to respond to these types of avoidable issues and incidents (£2.7 billion cost to the NHS every year for instance), but also to residents and neighbours of students living in Selly Oak, who are being affected by the late night noise from parties and anti-social behaviour in the streets.

Young people drink and that is nothing new, going way back to before Roman and Greek times.  It is the drinking to excess though, which not only has longer term health impacts (more and more adults under the age of 25 years old are now being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver – something was previously unheard of), but also leads to more wreckless and thoughtless behaviour, which can lead to nights you and others might want to forget.

The chances of becoming a victim of crime from robbery, theft or violence, the chances of losing a phone, wallet and dignity, the chances of getting involved in an accident and ending up in A&E, the chances of taking risky sexual choices and getting an STD or getting (or getting someone else) pregnant, the chances of getting into trouble with the Police (Guild and University of Birmingham) from committing crime and anti-social behaviour all go up, with the more alcohol that is consumed.

Alcohol is not an excuse for bad behaviour and West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council and the Guild of Students will take action against students who are affecting the community, be it in the street or at home.  There are a number of things which can be done via enforcement, but also a number of things students can do to minimise the impact of their own behaviour.  To find out more click here.

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