Tweets of the week

Selly Oak Police@sellyoakpolice

10th Sept – We are seeing lots of new/returning students in Selly Oak, please don’t leave your vehicles vulnerable whilst unloading! You know the drill!

12th Sept – the police room, uni centre today and every Wednesday 12-1500! D-locks are the only ones we endorse!  We have seen a rise in bike thefts lately, remember students, you can get heavily subsidised bicycle D-locks from……

16th Sept – Please remember to lock and secure windows and doors to your house before turning in for the night.  leave a light on if your off out, and lock up behind you!

@I Love Selly Oak

10th Sept – Burglars can be and out of your property in 5 minutes, taking your valuables with them. Keep them out! Lock your doors, windows and gates!

14th Sept – Police and Community Wardens visited a house today to discover the front door unlocked and a laptop and iphone in the living room…luckily it was us and not a burglar who discovered it. Please – lock your doors, windows and gates!


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